On the Occasion of Earth day and 48th anniversary of Earth Month, ALPS extends its support to Mother Earth and strives towards sustainability by addressing the problem of Label Waste.

In the process of manufacturing the self-Adhesive labels, two kinds of waste material gets generated

1.       Set up waste &
2.       Waste Matrix during the inspection of the rejected labels.

The self-Adhesive label stock consists of 3 layers: Face Stock, Adhesive & Release liner of the face stock. The adhesive are of different types or grades like Rubber based acrylic, silicon etc. The Release liner of Face Stock may also be either of paper or films –PP, PE, PET vinyl etc. They are mainly silicon coated paper or films.

The pain area for label manufacturers is the disposal of the waste material as these are non- Biodegradable. As the focus is more inclined on the waste disposal by our customers & their third party audits, we have to follow certain guidelines for waste disposals.

To extend our support to Mother Earth we do not send the waste material to land fill sites and pay approximately Rs.16/- per kg. for incineration, approved by pollution control Board.
As this practice is fairly new we don’t get the price increase for the labels despite of paying extra for the waste disposal on the behalf of customer and for customer retention we have to bear the cost. This reduces our margins and our members are facing problems and as a Label association we want to help and support our members.
In this regards we have studied how to manage the waste and earn from it- “Waste to wealth”
We have consulted our label stock suppliers in India as well as many associations actively working in Europe. We have decided to start common facility centers to manage waste initially in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai.  Further we will take it forward to other cities where more than 20 members exist.  
The participating members with allotted stock quantity will send it either at cost or F.C. The association will charge for the electricity, manpower and for the place which will either be constructed or on the rent from the members.
The waste will be shredded, grinded followed by pressing & bailing. Once the process is over it will be sent out to the power plants, cement industry or any ever where the heat requirement is more the 1100 Degree centigrade. We can sell this at price ‘X’ plus the transportation.

The help which we sought from the Government is for the building & for the machinery. The desired approval by the PCBS power ministry & Industry Ministry is also needed.

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