VINSAK, a global pioneer in Printing & Packaging industry has recently installed VINSAK USAR at press owned by Indian Government for security printing of varied government applications. 
Based on the feedback and application of the same, a second order for a similar unit has been raised from the Government for another location. 

 The VINSAK USAR (Universal Slitter & Rewinder) is equipped with a registered Die-Cutting Module, a VINSAK UV Inkjet System & 100% Camera Inspection System. 

The VINSAK UV Inkjet System can personalize variable data on various offset paper, coated papers, films, gloss papers etc. at a maximum resolution of 600*600 DPI. 

The press can use it for various applications such as Tax & Excise Stamps, Transactional Security printing, Scratch Cards, Wads, Flexible packaging etc. 

VINSAK have also provided 100% inspection system which can inspect each unique number, barcode or two dimensional code and offer 100% inspection of the same. 

Mr. Ranesh Bajaj, Director-VINSAK India Pvt. Ltd. said,  'It feels great to acquire repeat orders from Government where the qualification criterion is strict and performance standards in the security presses are at par with the highest in the world. Credit goes to our manufacturing team for their sheer passion to develop world-class machinery and getting orders against European suppliers. It adds to the current Government’s “Make in India” policy and also saves the country Foreign exchange.'

 Mr. Bajaj also added, 'this is one of our repeat orders of VINSAK USAR within the last 2 years. The machine is garnering good response from the industry for its modularity. 

We are supplying three versions of VINSAK USAR with different features and trying to add more. Hope, this machine will soon create its due niche in the packaging and label finishing industry. Our Presence at the forthcoming shows in Thailand and Africa will see the product being accepted at newer global markets as well in the years to come.'